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Michael Law
Born in Pennsylvania
20 years
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Jennifer Damp Koziell Thinking of you June 26, 2013
Michael, I was thinking of you the other day and decided to google your name and this beautiful website came honoring your memory.  It is just wonderful.  Michael I will never forget you.  I will never forget the first time that I met you.  You were 4 or 5 years old and sitting on the front steps when you were had recently moved to your house on Sampson Ave.  I was coming up my fronts steps and I heard this little voice say hello.  I knew right then and there you were a special little boy.   You loved your trucks and making truck noises.  I remember that you had a strong dislike for my boy friend at the time, John.  Oh the faces you would make.  Let me tell you, you knew even at a young age that he was not a nice person.  Needless to say, I'm not with him anymore.  You did know that.  I remember watching you on Christmas morning opening your presents, going out to eat with your mom and dad and you.  I still have the key chain engagement ring that you gave to me.  Also, when you said about my dad's grilling, "Mr. Damp has good meat"  I have a picture of you hanging in my office at work.  I will never ever forgot you.  I think of you often with a smile.  I can't wait to tell my children about you and what a special person you are. 
Mom Kind May 14, 2013
Michael had the kindest Heart there was he truly was an angel here on earth he was my gift from God I got to love him for 20 plus years here on earth I got to have him all to myself for 9 months I had an easy time carrying him and giving birth to him he was a great baby always Happy he could always change a bad day into a great one just by his smile I miss him so much I would give anything to have him in my life again to see his smile one more time Thank you Son for giving me 20 amazing years I love and Miss you my Heart will never be whole again
skyler Robinson play date April 18, 2012
hey it is me skyler  i remember use hanging out and biluding things together i rellay misses you alot aunt shirley had surgey and i thought you mit want to know.Frown
I remember the last christmas we had together you were so excited to be buying things for everyone you loved making people happy you were such an angel even here on earth I love you so very very much I miss you so much it hurts I can't wait until it is my time to see you I love you
He did not complain He did not take He did not wine when out of place He did cry He did feel But I don't know why and I don't know if its meant to be But I do know I'll miss him I know he is happy I know he loved me and I "ll miss his hugs I miss his laugh I'll miss it when he use to take me to get candy when I wasn't allowed sugar but did I do for him nothing But he didn't ask for anything in return for his love I will miss him till I'm missed in Death I hope he remembers to wit for me at the gated Ikow I will see him some day   I Love you Michael
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