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Michael Law
Born in Pennsylvania
20 years
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Life story
December 26, 1986
Born in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh on December 26, 1986.
June 20, 2007
Passed away on June 20, 2007 at the age of 20.
Michael was born at 3:57am on Decenber 26 1986 he was wonderful from the very begining he was a good baby and never gave me any trouble> He grew in to a wonderful young man who loved to play sports he loved baseball and was very good at it . he and his Father would play everyday. he never got into any trouble ever he was always such a good person. He went through some rough times when his Father and I divorsed. But he never let that get him sown he always smiled and tried to make things ok. He moved to texas with me in 04 I was so thrilled I has missed him so much for so long he made friends very quick he wanted to film horror films. He worked and bought a camera to start filming he would use what ever he could to help with props and he got his cousins and his Uncle Dj to help him he even killed me in one of his movies I help with sound effects His girlfriend and Father wher helping with the last one he was so happy to have his Father here to see his work they were very close he loved his father very much he also loved his girlfriend they were going to be married one day but that was all taken away from us on June 20th 2007 I will never forget that day and how empty I felt. I miss y angel he was the best son any Parent could ever want I'm so Proud that I was his Mother I love you son